New Universal Dispensing Chart

The NeoTop formula dispenser is the easy, safe, and accurate way to make baby’s bottle. Moms have asked us about scoop size, so we’ve provided an easy reference tool for making bottles.

Our scoop is the same size as the scoop provided by the leading brand of infant formula, but it may dispense less formula due to the "sifting" mechanism of the NeoTop vs. the "packing" mechanism caused by dragging a scoop through formula in a can.

Easy universal dispensing chartTwo NeoTop formula dispensers
To ensure accuracy, reference this simple chart when making bottles:

    • 1 scoop: add 50 mL of water into the bottle
    • 2 scoops: add 100 mL of water into the bottle
    • 3 scoops: add 150 mL of water into the bottle
    • 4 scoops: add 200 mL of water into the bottle

mL = milliliters, the universal measurement printed on all baby bottles

Unsurpassed and precise accuracy
Not only does the NeoTop safeguard your baby’s formula against germs by eliminating hand-scooping, you can also be sure you’re getting a consistent scoop size every time.


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